Online Workout Tips

Sick of feeling awkward on the beach? Need to transform your body quickly before you hit Auckland’s beaches this summer? Want an adonis belt that grabs the right attention? Here are a few tips for ensuring your body gets the fuel it needs before and after a workout that will help transform your body into a beach body for summer.

When it comes to pre and post workout foods, meals and snacks,  online personal trainers agree that how often you eat, or how close to or after a workout you eat, is not as important as hitting your daily calorie requirements and macronutrients.  This means you do not have to eat six times a day, or one hour before a workout to improve your metabolic rate, lose fat, or gain muscle.  What is important is the overall balance that you achieve with your pre and post workout food and snacks.  If you have achieved your macronutrient targets by the end of the day then meal frequency and nutrient timing is of little consequence.

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Get your beach body this summer

Put simply, deficit calories means you will lose weight, and surplus calories means you will gain weight.  Your workout diet comes down to application and awareness and applying what you have learned in terms of pre and post workout meals.  Studies done that compared five meals a day with two meals a day, both with same amount of calories, show that how often you eat has no significant effect on your metabolism.  It seems that eating every two or three hours as part of a workout diet is not necessary, and may even be less beneficial than eating only every five to six hours.  Once again, putting a huge focus on pre and post workout meals and snacks is not as important as hitting your total daily macronutrient count .

Great pre and post workout foods and snacks that are also quick and easy to get hold of include fruits like bananas, berries, grapefruit and oranges, avocado, turkey and chicken,  yogurt, eggs, peanut butter, and nuts like almonds, walnuts and peanuts.

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