Dry stack is less pricey and more convenient

The concept of dry stack boat storage is a somewhat novel idea to many Aucklanders, with many boat owners still using the traditional wet mooring or parking their boat and trailer on their driveway or front yard, yet dry stacking is one of the fastest growing developments when it comes to boat storage. One of the main reasons for this, especially in large metropolitan areas like Auckland, is space, with a dry stack marina capable of storing large numbers of boats compared to docks and wharfs.

Boat owners using dry stacks are quickly discovering the convenience factor, which means they can be on the water in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the hassle and stress than using a trailer to unload and load their boats. Dry stack storage means no hooking your boat and trailer to your car, no fighting the traffic to get to the boat ramp, no having to stop for gas and bait, no waiting in line to launch your boat and then finding somewhere to park your trailer, no time wasted winching your boat back onto the trailer, and no cleaning when you arrive back home.

Most dry stacks offer a service that involves simply letting them know when you want to launch, heading down to the dry stack marina, and jumping on board. On your return your boat will be taken out of the water, washed clean, and safely stored until you need it again. And surprisingly the cost of dry stack storage is on average cheaper than marina berths, have a look at these boat storage prices for an idea of the cost of dry stack storage at one of Auckland’s newest facilities.

Besides the money you will save here a few more advantages to dry stack boat storage:

  • Less maintenance as your boat will be protected from the elements
  • More space on your driveway or lawn
  • Your boat is safe and secure 24/7
  • No need for a trailer, which again saves you money
  • You won’t need a large vehicle to tow your boat and trailer
  • No waiting at boat ramps or gas stations – dry stack marinas make sure you boat is fueled, ready and waiting when you arrive. You will even be able to buy bait at the dry stack.

More and more boat owners are enjoying hassle and stress-free boating with the ease and convenience of storing their boats at an Auckland dry stack facility. To find out more visit the Mt Wellington Marine dry boat stack website and find out how you can spend more time fishing and less time waiting.