Which Tattoo Studio is for you?

Chances are if you are looking for somewhere in Auckland to get a tattoo you will find one of  three things – an artistically talented untrained tattooist with basic hygiene, a well-lit sanitary tattoo studio with professional artists that you soon discover have little artistic talent, or that rare tattoo studio that has the cleanliness of a surgeon’s theatre with tattoo artists that have the talents of a master craftsman. It is your responsibility to find a tattoo artist that ticks all the boxes, the extra time, energy, and money you will spend doing this will be well worth it when you view a tattoo as both an asset and an enduring work of art.

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Which Tattoo are you?

A great way to get an idea of a tattoo artist’s talents is to view their portfolio, and visit the tattoo studio and ask if you can watch the artist working. If you see someone with a tattoo you admire, ask them where the work was done, and what they thought of the things like hygiene, cost, and the overall experience. Industry magazines are also a good source of information about tattoo studios and artists in Auckland.

Try to find a tattoo artist that has the experience, knowledge, and creative talent to make you feel comfortable and develop a quick and easy rapport with you. Keep in mind that award-winning or much-admired tattoo artists will charge more than inexperienced artists, so don’t let a cheap artist sell you a tattoo you will come to dislike. And find out how high they set the bar when it comes to hygiene, cleanliness, and disposal of needles, the tattoo studio should look more like a dentist or doctor’s office than a room in the back of a bar.

Where you get your tattoo is big decision, so make sure you find a tattoo artist that is part doctor, part creative designer, and part master craftsman.

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