SEO Tips for Aucklanders

If you are looking to build a new website or upgrade your old one you will need to make search engine optimisation a big part of your strategy. Over 80% of Aucklanders will search online before choosing a service or product. If your website is not search friendly you will be leaking a lot of value to your competitors.

Getting your website as high as you can on Google’s search results pages should be a huge priority for you.

A more complex SEO services strategy will need to be managed by web SEO specialists. If you can’t afford an SEO specialist then attend an SEO training course to learn the fundamental things you can do to better manage your website and improve its search engine ranking results.

Also, learn how to use SEO tools such as Google Search Console and Google’s Keywords Tool, to monitor your backlink profile and which search terms your visitors are entering to find websites like yours.

Growing your local search rankings is also very important for people searching for products and services whilst on mobile devices. Click here to see videos from Google’s YouTube channel or start by watching the video below.

Google Local SEO Tips Video

As mentioned, selecting the best search terms to rank for is a good place to start. Once you’ve defined your target search terms, then use them appropriately keywords throughout your site, including image names, URLs, titles, and content, especially on the page header and title tag. Figure out what keywords people would use if they were searching for your product or service. Try not to go overboard with keywords as Google might think you are a spammer, be tactical in how you use them, quality accuracy and relevancy are important. And remember to make your website’s anchor text search-friendly.

A great way to generate more leads is by getting referral links from well-known websites. Make sure the websites that link to yours are in good standing with Google, and avoid link farms or acquiring links from other websites to manipulate your search rankings as that could potentially get your website banned by Google.

Do remember to create a site map (for larger websites), and use image descriptions that are expressive as possible and contain good keywords. And keep updating your content. Google will love your website if your content is refreshed often, so make that a part of your website SEO management program.

If you are unsure of how to achieve this then we suggest you attend an SEO training course, read Google’s Quality Guidelines for SEO, or employ a recognised web or SEO company to assist you.

With 80% of people searching online before they buy, it’s very important that your website is well optimised to rank in the primary search engines (Google and Bing) and that it outranks your competitors!