Choosing an Auckland SEO provider

Let’s say your company is located in Auckland, and you want to rank well in Google’s local and organic search results for Auckland searches e.g. ‘plumber Auckland’ or ‘Auckland mechanic’. Over 80% of Aucklanders will search online before choosing a service or product. Yet your website is not ranking well, you feel it is not search engine friendly and it leaks valuable leads to your competitors.

You understand that getting your website as high as you can on Google’s search results pages is a huge priority for you. But where do you start? You’ve heard from your friends the SEO industry is full of dodgy providers, that make false promises to lock you into a contract.

Tips for choosing an SEO Services company

Tip #1, get SEO training

A more complex SEO services strategy will need to be managed by search engine optimisation (SEO) specialists. If you can’t afford an SEO specialist then we recommend attending an SEO training course to learn fundamental things such as how to select an SEO services provider, how to manage your website’s SEO and improve its search engine ranking results and how to use SEO tools, such as Google Search Console, to monitor the performance of your website.

Tip #2, check the SEO company can walk the talk!

Google search highly competitive search terms like ‘SEO Auckland‘ or ‘SEO NZ‘ and see which companies consistently appear at the top of the organic, not paid search results. Then contact those companies, see if there is a match between your company values and there approach.

Tip #3, don’t forget local search

Research shows over 50% of people that Google local searches (e.g. plumber Auckland) visit a store or service provider within a day. Growing your local search rankings, AKA Google Maps or Google My Business (GMB), is also very important for people searching for products and services whilst on mobile devices. Click here to see videos from Google’s YouTube channel on local search or watch the video below. As such, we recommend checking to see which SEO companies appear in the local search results and add these companies to your list of SEO services providers to interview.


With 80% of people searching online before they buy, it’s very important that your website is well optimised and outranks your competitors in the primary search engines (Google and Bing), including Google Maps. Choosing the best SEO partner is a daunting task. Start by attending an SEO training course, then Google a few high value search terms, with local ‘Auckland’ modifiers, then interview the two to three SEO companies that consistently rank at the top of Google.

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